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1.  Question: I can’t get my keyboard working. I use Windows 98 Operating System.

    Answer:  You should ideally be running Windows 2000, XP or Windows Server in order to use ABD Yoruba.


2.  Question: My keyboard worked before, but I just opened another application, and it doesn't work anymore!

     Answer: Make sure you select ABD Yoruba from your keyboard layout list each time you open an application/a new window.

     Since ABDYoruba can type in both Yoruba & English, you may also wish to make it your default keyboard so you don't need to switch.


3.  Question: Not all the Yoruba characters are displaying properly when I receive/send an email or when I am viewing a Word document or when I am viewing a web page.

Answer: Make sure you are viewing using the right encoding. For sending/receiving email, just stick to Western European encoding since this is usually default (in IE). For viewing Yoruba web pages In IE, select View => Encoding => Unicode (UTF-8) if you cannot see using the default Western European (Windows) encoding. In Mozilla Firefox and Netscape, select View => Character Encoding => Unicode (UTF-16 Little Endian). You also need to be using a Unicode compatible font, and you might want to upgrade to the latest version of your browser. 


4.  Question: My Yoruba messages don't always show up clearly when I post them on yahoo-groups/online forums - sometimes some of the characters are replaced with boxes and other nonsense.

Answer:  Double marked characters, i.e. characters with both the tonal sign and the underdot, are still almost always problematic with online forums. Characters with underdots only will generally appear ok on most online forums, but may give problems in email forums (specifically "daily digests"), due to problems in the conversion process, depending on which online forum you are posting on. Check back for updates on this. For now, to post Yoruba messages on online forums, you may want to use characters with the tonal sign only (unless you have first "previewed" your posting at the forum site, and you know other characters will appear ok.). Just use the default (Western European (Windows) )encoding.


5.   Question: I have downloaded the install file, but when I Right Click on ABDYooba.msi, it says: "Error, Can't read the File... Try Again"

      Answer: You are facing this problem because you have not extracted all the files in the install package.

Please return to the updated Installation Steps page, which now provides a self extracting file. Download the self extracting file (ABDYooba.exe), Double click on it, and Click on "Extract"  to extract all the files. Then go to the ABDYooba folder on your computer, Right Click on the Windows Installer File to install, and you should have no problems this time!


6.  Question: How do I select the ABDYoruba keyboard?

     Answer: Look on your windows tray, to the right. You should see a little keyboard icon - Click on this to choose your keyboard layout.

    If you do not see the icon on your tray, go back to Start=>Control Panel=>Regional and Language Options => Language =>Details..

    Then click on "Language Bar", and check the box beside "Show the Language Bar on the Desktop".


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